Wildlife Refuge

Refugio de Vida Matapalo

National Wildlife Refuge in mountains of Matapalo is inaugurated.

A total of 250 species of flora and fauna, some endangered species are protected from the December 13, 2013 when it was established by Executive Decree No. 37993-MINAE the private National Wildlife Refuge on the farm that owns the hotel chain RIU in the coastal mountains of Matapalo.

This 200-hectare protected natural area has high biodiversity value of Guanacaste and was officially opened by representatives of the hotel company on January 16th. As part of his wealth it has about 140 species of plants, including trees of precious woods such as mahogany, cachimbo and black laurel, which are endangered, and 10 species of orchids are included.

It is also home to over 80 resident and migratory birds; 30 species of mammals within the listed twelve species of bats and 10 species of reptiles, as reported by biologist Gerardo Barboza Jimenez from Foundation for Balance between Conservation and Development (FUNDECODES), who has made the field research, as well as the Management Plan.

The farm is part of the Biological Corridor Chorotegan and with this favors the biological connectivity between Protected Wilderness Areas of the country in the region. It has a high environmental, economic and social value, and meets several of the national conservation objectives such as landscape interest, protection of biodiversity, the local water balance and function as a carbon sink.

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