Nicoya Peninsula

Peninsula de Nicoya

Nicoya Peninsula is ideal as a residence for foreigners

Nicoya Peninsula Map

Nicoya Peninsula Map

“International Living” magazine recognized for expatriates and retirees (or are on the verge of being) recommends its readers the Nicoya Peninsula as one of the best places to live.

Jason Holland, who wrote the article, says that the area has a combination of factors that make it unique and ideal.

“It is a somewhat isolated region, with miles and miles of pristine coastline along the blue Pacific; with steep hills, huge cattle ranches in the interior and mazes which are often dirt roads that are mixed through woods and fields, “Holland wrote in the article that appeared on the website of this publication.

He added: “It is also one of the Blue Zones in the world, where researchers have found that people live longer on average, due to a combination of diet, climate and lifestyle.”

Holland also mentions other elements that make it ideal peninsula for those looking for a second home: access, facilities for public services such as Internet and medical care. “That makes the Nicoya Peninsula is becoming a city.”

And it ensures that the ideal locations are Montezuma, Nosara, Tambor and Santa Teresa, where even the price of land, compared to the rest of the country is relatively accessible.

If interested, continues the article, “build the home of your dreams”, overlooking the sea and just steps from the beach, the cost of the property starts at $ 65,000. If the cost of construction is $ 100 per 10 square meters, then the house can come in under $ 200,000.

“You perhaps do not have quick access to a gourmet supermarket and largest city is about an hour, but there are U.S. homes with dishwasher, spacious rooms and manicured final details. And you have high-speed Internet, satellite TV, good cell service, electricity and drinking water, “says the text.

Finally, he notes that places like Nosara and Guiones have become important centers for the collection of retired and, more recently, surfers, while there has been a great development of schools teaching Spanish, yoga and other areas of welfare.

nicoya peninsula beach

nicoya peninsula beach

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