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In 2014 tourism maintained international arrivals.

According to information provided by the Directorate General of Immigration (DGME) and analyzed by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), the trend in the increase in international arrivals continued its course; during January and February 2014 were reported in total 545,117 international arrivals for all ports; for the same period of 2013 509.007 arrivals were recorded, that means a cumulative increase of 7.1% for January and February 2014 when compared to the same period in 2013.

For international arrivals by air, the main port of entry to our country, growth data records in January and February compared with the last four years were reported: both months of this year accounted for 351,177 arrivals. This behavior in international arrivals by air represents a 9% cumulative increase for January and February when compared to the same period 2013.

The Juan Santa Maria International Airport remains the main port of entry in the country. This terminal, closed the period January-February 2014 with 265,838 international arrivals, 9.4% more than in the 2013 period.

The Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport at Liberia shows growth rates similar to the Juan Santa Maria International Airport. For the terminal in Guanacaste, the cumulative growth for January and February 2014 is 8.3% (compared to the same months in 2013), representing a total of 84,879 international arrivals in this way.

“The indicators of the first two months of 2014 show a significant rise that can glimpse us a very positive scenario for the remainder of the year and eventually brings us closer to achieving our goal for this year, which is to receive 2.5 million tourists annually, always attached to the model of sustainable tourism development, and maintain our differentiation as a quality destination and privileged.”

Priority markets of Costa Rica

United States, our largest market, recorded 190,521 international arrivals during January and February 2014, which represents 13,369 arrivals from that country (7.5% increase over the previous year).

Europe is a market that increased arrivals to our country, recorded in January and February this year 78.109 arrivals, equivalent to an increase of 14,080 arrivals (percent increase over 2013 of 22.0%).

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