Blue Zone

Blue Zone, Nicoya
Blue Zone

Blue Zone

Nicoya will take advantage of its Blue Zone and plans to build a center for medical tourism.

An ambitious project will seek to exploit the name of Nicoya as Blue Zone of the world, to build in that canton from Guanacaste a specialized center for medical tourism.

The ‘blue zones’ are places on the planet whose habitants are among the longest lived in the world, because they live more than 90 years with good physical and mental health.

The initiative is promoted by the Municipality of Nicoya and for 2015 is expected to be formalized with the proposed participation of Canadian and U.S. investors.

Costa Rica is known worldwide for its leadership in view of medical tourism. Dozens of foreigners come to the country to receive specialized treatment in certain areas.

Only in 2012, 48,000 foreigners came to the country to perform a surgery. On average, each visitor spent about $ 7000 U.S. dollars (more than 3 million colónes).

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